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All About Me!

Yanked from awesome fic-writer and totally cool person veldeia! Go and read her stuff. No, now. I'll wait.

Okay, on to me.

All right, kids, who else wants a turn? I'm not tagging anyone, but other people should totally do this.



I'm out! Everything went fine, apparently, and they sent me home with a boatload of Vicodin, which doesn't really bode well, but I'm on some right now, so you can guess how much I care. Woo drugs!
I have a really bad sore throat though, because I had general anaesthesia and they had to give me a breathing tube (sounds scarier than it is). I totally wasn't expecting that. But anyway, I'm out, I'm okay, and let the healing begin. Thanks for all your well-wishes, everyone. :o)


Good god, I'm so hungry. I hope I still want to eat afterward, because I really want to eat right now. It doesn't SEEM that long since midnight, but apparently when you're not allowed to eat you want to eat more.
Anyway, I go in at 10:45. Only another hour and a half until I'm unconscious.

May. 12th, 2008

Well, it's been a little over a month since we had to put down our cat. We've been doing fairly well. Our other cat has stopped looking for her brother when we shake the treats can or when she flops down to be petted. We've set up a photo collage with a small shelf underneath that holds a tea candle and the antique jewelry box we found to hold his ashes. What I'm really updating for is to say that on Thursday, I'm getting surgery for something medium-serious and I'm pretty nervous about it. So, wish me luck I guess.

We put my cat down today

Today, my husband and I made the decision to put our cat to sleep. We're more shaken up than words can say, because only in the last few days has he even seemed slightly off, but it was the right decision to make. I'm going to be taking a break from the Internet for awhile, esp. Metalocalypse, because death is a little too real for me right now.

RIP, Uriel.


What better way for people to get to know me?

Stolen from lessxthanxthree, who stole it from appleroach, so I understand.

So. There you have it.


So I'm in lots of places on the Internet, but I am not a good blogger. This is pretty much only so I can comment on stuff. But either way, here I am. Who knows, maybe I'll actually update it.

Edited @ 3:00: I am endlessly amused that Google believes my couch is in Youngstown, Florida. Fail.

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